My lens. Your story : Wheeling, West Virginia photographer

My head is spinning. I just got back from an amazing retreat specifically geared to educate, uplift and steer photographers into a thriving photography business. (pictures to come)

I'll be honest, I've been lazy. It takes so much energy to run a thriving photography business and I wasn't sure if that was what I really wanted. So, I limited myself and my work so that I could justify not feeling bad for charging people what my time and energy is worth. I have cheapened the market and myself to get clients to let me photograph them. I'm tired of not giving photography the value its due.  

Ask yourself this... If you had 10 minutes to grab a few items inside your home before it went up in flames, what would you grab? Assuming all family members are safe, were your photographs on that list? They would definitely be something I would grab. Because you can't get a moment in time back but you can photograph it and cherish all the memories that come flooding back when you look at that image. And if you ask me.... money seems meniscal when you think about the priceless moments you can't get back. 

So here I am. Ready to create and share my love for capturing your story. I promise, I never take lightly the great privilege of getting to photograph someones life. It is a great honor to think that something I have captured with my lens will be hanging on your wall for years to come. 

Hence, my new business logo. I wanted something that reflected who I am and who I would love to serve. There will be many changes to my website in the coming future as well as pricing changes, promotions and giveaways. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to kept with all the latest. 

Thanks for listening ~ Jamie 


Jamie V. photography